Tremaine-Trey Songz releases an album after 3 years

Its been three years since Trey Songz has released anything that would make our hearts skip a beat. The R&B singer has been dedicating his time to putting together a project that he loves and is proud of. In an interview with 106 KMEL he explained,  “Nowadays music is so like fast food, in content in general—not just music. Everybody takes everything in so fast and then they’re on to the next thing, so I want to figure out how to hold people’s attention.”

The singer gained public attention after being called out by Nicki Minaj following the entire ShEther ordeal. Smoke cleared allowing Trey to strategically release parts of his album, one by one, on Apple Music. 'Tremaine' dropped this Friday, with 15 brand new songs and I had the pleasure of working the album release signing in Brooklyn, NY. Trey is super down to earth and a pleasure to work with. I also am loving this album. Check out my recap pictures and stream his new   brand new project.

  1. The Prelude

  2. Come Over

  3. #1Fan

  4. Nobody Else But You

  5. Playboy

  6. The Sheets…Still

  7. Song Goes Off

  8. She Lovin It

  9. Animal

  10. 1×1

  11. Priceless

  12. What Are We Here For

  13. Games We Play (f. MIKExANGEL)

  14. Picture Perfect

  15. Break From Love