The Black Girl Podcast- A portal of Hope for Black Girls starting a career in Entertainment

"What do you take, what do you get, when you take black girls and put them on a podcast? I’ll tell you  what you get. It’s the black girl podcast...” Radio personality, Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 sings the opening of the new audio series, The Black Girl Podcast. He is music to my ears.

I found The Black Girl Podcast while scrolling down my twitter timeline. I listened to the first five episodes in one day. I cackled on the F train as my fellow New Yorker's gave me the side eye. I was listening to the ladies scream, “Fuvk on you,” through my headphones. I was hooked.

The Black Girl Podcast is a collaboration of 5 Black women who met while working at the infamous radio station, Hot 97. Scottie Beam (@scottiebeam on twitter/IG), Gia Peppers (@giapeppers), Sapphira (@sapphiraem), Bex (@blvckdaria), and Alysha P (@AlyshaP) make up the powerful series. Their conversations touch on womanhood, sex, pop culture, politics, family life, love and their careers. The Black Girl Podcast is a safe space. It allows girls to hear authentic stories from women that look like them. The podcast is my new favorite group chat and my testimony for the days when I feel like giving up. It is honest, unfiltered, humorous and most importantly inspiring to girls like me who are beginning to pursue a career in entertainment.

The most recent episode, “Prideful,” sparked this blog post. It moved me to tears. I couldn’t help but share reasons why you should listen:

Entertaining and Dynamic. These women are so much fun! They bicker, they curse, they tell jokes, they cry and they make up their own lingo. It is nothing short of your Group Me app. While listening you feel like you’re with all of your girls at a brunch table. It brings me back to college, when my closest girlfriends and I would sit in the dorms until 5 in the morning talking about everything under the sun.

Reality. The Black Girl Podcast gives you the reality of being in the entertainment industry.  Their experiences are truthful and vulnerable. They talk about freelancing and not being paid. They touch on being fired from jobs, going back to school and even dropping out. The women express their darkest moments--dealing with family and trying to attain success. They discuss gains but are not afraid to mention their losses and times where they felt defeated. The girls chat about being the only women behind major projects in their field.

Accessibility. This is one of my favorite parts about the podcast. All of these women are accessible to me. They are based in New York and are making their dreams come true in the bedrock of one of the hardest cities to live in. New York is competitive, gritty and EXPENSIVE! It warms my heart that the women of this podcast communicate with their listeners and are so grateful. They make themselves accessible, so that their listeners can give input. These characteristics give their podcast transparency.

Representation. Creating a narrative for black and brown women is crucial and moving for our generation. Any digital platform that celebrates and shares authentic experiences of black women is a win for me. Representation is important! These women are the mentors to all the girls pursing a similar career.

Hope. Scottie Beam’s story of being on street team is what moved me. I am currently in the same position but instead for iHeart Media, home of Power 105.1. There are times when I feel defeated but she gave me hope. Her story reassured my belief that  hard work and dedication will get you where you need to be. All of the women on this podcast give me hope. Their drive to create content and their hustle towards their goals makes me feel like I am not the only one on this journey.

This podcast is a portal of ambition, comedic relief and an inspiration! I hope you all check it out.

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