What's this all about

July 2017

Welcome! Just a little greeting. My name is  Christina. It's here finally, I dropped my first website on a brand new platform. I am super excited to share my journey in media, my trips around the world, my music blog, "The Initiative," and my new social media marketing service, "Consulting with Chris."

I'd like to call myself a creative, a writer and a music junkie.

So definitely be prepared for playlists, album reviews and sometimes I will get a little Drake on you and spill my trials to becoming well rounded in my industry of choice.


On a more exciting note it's my birthday! I'm 23 and I'm writing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. To kick off the start of this big project, I'm going to share what Puerto Rico sounds like to me along with a playlist of hits from my childhood.  

So, I was born into the Soto- Estrada clan and salsa, merengue and afro-Latino culture resonates with my upbringing. 

Here we go...

Puerto Rico sounds like...
Soft ocean waves splashing across the shore and trickling back into mother natures cycle. 
It sounds like honking cars that mimic the old sounds of bomba
Puerto Rico sounds like Hector Lavoe's Aguanile
It sounds like Old San Juan and the crazy mix of all the American culture that the US has put on the island. 


Puerto Rico sounds like DES- PA-CITO (You all know the song, but i don't know if you know that it was made by Luis Fonsi and reggaeton artist, Daddy Yankee. Bieb's jumped on the track not knowing a lick of Spanish)

It's coqui's* chirping, kids running down cobbled streets and salsa, lots of salsa. 
Puerto Rico sounds like home, like Tio's basement in the summer
Like Mami sweeping the floor on Sundays while blasting Mark Anthony...

Okay I'm done for now! That's just a little something something. I'll be sharing blog post similar to this weekly. 

To the new comers welcome and to everyone one else, thank you for rocking with me on this journey.

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