Las Vegas, Nevada


That was definitely the song of this trip. I've started a tradition of going away for my birthday and this year, I got all of my closest girlfriends to get on a plane. LORD, we are a busy bunch and we all have such different personalities but it was an AMAZING trip. We still text in the group chat (JSUYSQ) from that time here and there.

Things my friends and I do before big trips are: share outfits, create a playlist (Go ahead listen!) and of course prepare an itinerary with links and prices for alll of our activities. I said it before, I'll say it again, we had so much fun, so many laughs and I will definitely be doing this again next year (*crosses fingers).

Get acquainted with my loves, Akeelya, Briana, BrittneyDajahnae and Nailah! In this blog, I'll be sharing my a short version of  my itinerary--where we went, tips for traveling to Vegas and of course my outfit details. One thing to note about this trip is, this was my first time ordering from Fashion Nova, so I'll be critiquing those pieces. Hope you and your girls take a GIRL'S TRIP. Next stop for us will hopefully be Cabo or Tulum or Mardi Gras lol we don't know yet. 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Hotel: Caesar's Palace- Nobu Hotel. I love this place! Be conscious of the pool times. If you get there too late, you won't be able to get in.

Duration: 4 Days in JULY; It is hot as hell, if you go during this time pack light clothes. Also, note that this is dry heat, it isn't humid. DRINK lots of water. 

Activities: Purchase enough liquor for the number of days you will be there in CVS across the street from the Caesar's Palace. This will save you money.

Fat Tuesday’sYou can find these just about anywhere, where drinking is the wave. This was my first time visiting and it was cool. I loved that you could mix up your own slushy. Life was a blur at this time lol, we had In N Out after  and I WAS sooo disappointed. I'll take Wendy's nuggets. 

Ferris Wheel LINQ hotel : Definitely an activity that I do when I go to Vegas, you get to see the city from the top of a ferris wheel with unlimited drinks! Make sure to choose the happy hour tickets that last all night. 

Drais Night ClubWasn't our most fun part of the trip. Besides being jet lagged the music was very 2000's. We realized that NY'ers just party a little different. The venue is beautiful and we left before we could see Trey Songz or Kevin Hart. *YOU CAN WEAR SANDALS HERE* Lol we were dressed to the T for no reason lmao. All in all it was cool, I know people who absolutely love a night at Drais. 

Pool Parties: LMAO this group-on was so "sketchy."  We ended up being the life of the party and eventually meeting amazing dudes from Cali, who we then partied with at the night club below!

The Light Night Club:  So much fun! A wide range of music and we made friends with the security lmao look at the picture to the right with Briana. I definitely recommend hitting here when you go to Vegas. We also didn't pay which was a plus.

Now for the outfits! I took inspo from Kelly Rowland. The dresses are completely different but I knew I wanted to wear red because of her many looks in red. LOVE red on my skin tone. 

Red Fringe Dress: Fashion Nova! $32.99. I am selling this dress on Poshmark**

I loved it. It served its purpose but it may be too short to wear again! I love this look. My shoes from Ego

Official $42 broke the night of, I was pissed and they're not very comfortable but, the outfit was fire.

I paired this with gold drop earrings from target for $9.99! I LOVE target.

The next two outfits I wore during that vacation were both two pieces. I loved the floral two piece ($19 bottom, Kimono $22) but Fashion Nova quality isn't the best and I realized the shorts ripped on my thigh a little. One of two things, I was partying too hard or my thighs are too big LOL. The white two piece ($29) was great and I'll definitely wear it again and pair it with different tops. I love a fitted dress or skirt, it makes my body look poppin. Fashion Nova hack: FB30 promo code always works. 

As part of my day I also made everyone wear red! My friends are all different sizes and have all different styles. Here are the details from their favorite outfits or their red swimsuit! 

Akeelya: Both her swim suit and cover up pieces are from Amazon!

Her words: She has nothing to say cause she doesn't answer back text lmao but she would say: BIG BANK TAKES LITTLE BANK!

Briana: Bre also got her swim suit from Amazon. Her favorite outfit was from Forever 21, $27, Urban Expressions purse, $20)

Her words: I don’t have any fancy pictures lol is that good enough?

Brittney: The white set is from boohoo. The slippers are from Bebe.

Her red bathing suit is from Mystique. 

Her words: Brit wanted you to know her white nail polish is OPI lmao.

Nailah: Her red bathing suit and her floral two piece are from Forever 21.

Her words: I got it (red bikini) 3 years in Miami, before Forever 21 was "lit."

Daja: Forever 21 crochet top and white Misguided pants. Her red bathing suit is from Pretty Little Thing.  

Her words:  I feel like I dead didn't take pics 😭 this is all I got. 

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