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 So I am no fashion guru that’s for one, but I love love love finding outfits for vacation and getting dressed up for events. One of my biggest concerns lately has been my ever changing figure— ladies who don't know me, I’m tall (6'0), curvy and my waist is so much smaller than my thigh area. I wear anywhere from an 8-10. It all looks great in pictures but finding clothes can be a hassle. I believe in being frugal, so my pieces are usually anywhere from $10-$60. I RARELY go over $60 unless it’s for jeans. I ALWAYS shop on asos.com.  After a few hit ups, that I truly appreciate, I realized it would be cool if I shared my vacation outfit deets and travel info. Here it goes! 

When finding my outfits I always have a mood board or plan developing in my head. Sounds like a lot but I take a lot of inspiration from my daily social media management. I hoard pictures on my Pinterest and I save soooo many outfits saved on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.41.17 AM.png

Style icons: Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony, Anaya, Monica Style Muse, Courtney Danielle, Annisa LiMara. I try to look at women who have similar bodies as me to see what works. Paying attention to your body type is SUPER important to slaying outfits. 


Country: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Resort: Majestic Colonial 

Duration: 4 days Labor Day Weekend

Fun Fact: This resort was the first place I went to out of the country alone with my friends at 18. (See Picture to the Right)

I love this resort because, it is the perfect mix of family and adults. I want to try an adult resort so stay tuned for that! This trip cost around $950 per person. It is on the expensive side BUT when you arrive you don't have to pay for anything. We took out $100 each--tipped our waiters and bartenders and that lasted for the entire four days.

Okay so here we go with the LOOKS:

Blue Dress- ASOS, Misguided: $56, I got it for $28

Looks pretty, fits my top half weird, I don’t have boobs so I found myself pulling it up all night. It looks pretty on but I ended up changing. I will wear this dress again, most likely with heels.

Olive Dress- Top Shop $68

I love this slip dress! The back forms an X and cowls in the back. It fits in all the right places and is true to size.

Red lip , Sephora Matte Lip Stain $14-This is only here because women have a hard time finding a red that works for them and this is my red 😘❤️ 

Black Bathing Suit 1-ASOS, Misguided Top $7.50 and Bottom $11

White Cover Up- Mystique ~$15

Black Bathing Suit 2, $23 each, I am pretty sure I got these pieces for $10 each on sale.

This bathing suit is one size fits all. I was super surprised how perfectly it fit, I have it in black and pink.

Marble Bathing Suit, ~$29

One of my favorite bathing suits, I've worn it on a couple of trips.

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