California Love

*Song playing in the background: Potential, Summer Walker


Anyone who knows me, knows I like to have everything in order; from a made bed in the morning to having a complete map of what I want to accomplish for the year, years in advance lol. I’ve always been super transparent and I currently hit a bump in the road. Today, marks my first official week since I left my 9-5. Yes, I am on a job hunt (Currently looking for positions in content strategy and audience development.) Aside from that all is well! This change has helped me re-focus my energy. I am devoting time to social media management, clearing my mental (my mental health was OUT OF WACK) and most importantly enjoying life (you’d be surprised how many people are outside at 2 PM.)

This California trip played a MAJOR role in helping me reevaluate how i measure success and placed my blessings into perspective. california built me right back up—traveling will do that.

Check out the run down of my travel accommodations, outfits and a new feature, my skin care items that I have been obsessed with while traveling. #CatchUpWithChris

Travel Buddy: Bae

Flight: New York —Long Beach; Los Angeles — Newark

  • The flight to Long Beach from JFK was approximately $150, I purchased this ticket 4 months before the trip.

  • My returning flight was $230, this was one of the cheaper flights. I’ve traveled to Cali with work and it seems that trips can run you $400+ roundtrip, I’d advise using skyscanner and hopper to monitor flights.

Dana Point:

My trip began in Dana Point, where I witnessed a couple that I ADMIRE, celebrate their union. Hands down, this wedding was the MOST beautiful wedding I have ever seen. The love that was shared the weekend of 19th was amazing.

Dana Point is a city in Orange County, Southern California, think Laguna Beach television show! Long Beach is approximately 40 minutes from Dana Point. Flying into Long Beach was seamless. I ended up taking an uber directly to the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa. I absolutely LOVED Dana Point and plan on going back. This area is perfect for a baecation—very low-key and it’s a beach town with absolutely beautiful real estate. The locals in Dana Point were amazing and welcoming. I highly recommend the Marriott for an affordable stay—this Marriott functions as a resort. There are a ton of amenities, a restaurant, Starbucks (if you know you know) and various things to do during the day.



Remy Does Hair


Drunk Elephant: D-Bronzi™ Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops, I was wearing this most of my trip mixed with my facial oil or serum. If you’re looking for a bronzed look without heavy makeup— use this!

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Facial Oil , GLOW ON SIS! I used this to give my skin a shine. This is the facial oil I was talking about.


A large part of my trip was seeing if I could live in LA, a series of trips are to follow. First instinct: LA =weird! I kept going in and out of LOVING LA and being confused. Also keep in mind that LA is huge! (There is an extreme visual distinction between the rich and poor. Everyone drives fancy cars through the most impoverished areas. Everything feels like a flex.) The extreme poverty layered with drug addiction and mental illness that plagues DTLA was alarming. This experience played a huge role in my perception of my airbnb and made me reconsider living in DTLA. One thing I could definitely appreciate, is the overall vibe is much more relaxed than New York. I loved the concept of constantly having the beach at my finger tips.

Airbnb: Jeni’s Apartment Downtown LA

Spacious loft, which ran us about $1,300. It served its purpose but I wish we would have stayed in Malibu. Check out the reviews.


  • The Broad: is a contemporary art museum in Los Angeles. Admission was FREE and they have a ton of rotating exhibitions.

  • Hollywood Sign—Griffith Park: is a large municipal park at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The park covers 4,310 acres of land, making it one of the largest urban parks in North America. We traveled to the Griffith Observatory to hike toward the Hollywood sign. This was a dope experience and allowed us to take time to do something that was active.

  • Hollywood Blvd/ Hollywood Walk of Fame: You’ve seen it on television and that’s all folks. It reminded me of a smaller Times Square.

  • Santa Monica Pier/ Santa Monica State Beach: is a large double-jointed pier at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, California that is over 100 years old. The amusement park was closed when we arrived but we were able to watch the sunset. Everyone in Cali takes time to watch the sunrise and set. I loved that! All the locals knew the exact time to catch the sun.

  • Malibu: My FAVORITE place! I am a beach town type of girl. This little town gave me the vibes I experienced in Dana Point. I couldn’t believe how chill this beach was. It took us about and hour to get to Malibu, hence you will need a car.

  • Malibu Farm: 23000 Pacific Coast Hwy - Malibu, CA 90265 Loved this place. It is an organic food spot that over looks the water, it is the perfect lunch location.

  • MODS Museum : $$ Not worth the money, it was 3-5 rooms. It is instagrammable, but not big enough to spend money.


  • Vegan Spot in Echo Lake Park : (Will Update it was amazing)

  • V DTLA: Amazing gourmet pizza. The decor is so Berlin—graffiti and modern art cover this brand new spot in DTLA.

  • Taco’s on La Brea: 1515 South La Brea Ave,(not the green truck across the street). How could we not try the street tacos in LA? This place is in the middle of a gas station and they were fire!

  • Joey DTLA: The perfect dinner. My favorite item was the shrimp lettuce wraps.

  • Salt and Straw Ice Cream: This place had the most insane ice cream flavors! We tried avocado and corn flavors that were actually super tasty. I would recommend trying this ice cream even in any of their locations.


Places we didn’t get to go but will return to in the future:

  • Elephante

  • Nobu Malibu

  • Nipsey Hussle Marathon Store

Recommendations: Rent a car— LA is HUGE and there aren’t subways and buses that run as frequent as NY. We ended up borrowing a friends car for two days, thank goodness, which helped us get around and sight see. Cook some days! we definitely utilized the appliances in the loft. Cut cost by buying groceries and cooking—its also a great way to bond with your bae. Spend a week or more in LA, there’s so many areas to see and a ton to do.

On the Road Again: Spain

Where do I begin?

I’ve wanted to travel to Spain for years. My aunt went many years ago and shared about Seville and Barcelona. This time around I didn’t make it to Barcelona but I couldn’t pass up a deal of a lifetime.

Europe has always been placed on the back burner because the flights can be super expensive. I hadn’t been to Europe since 2016, on my infamous trip to study abroad in Berlin,Germany (even that I crowdfunded for). To be honest, I didn’t think I would make it back for a while. One day my friend showed me a flight reduction she found on twitter. The Norwegian flight, roundtrip to Madrid, was priced at $300, I couldn’t say no. 

Spain was LOVE; refreshing, homey, filled with culture, mind blowing, comical and nurturing. I got to experience two beautiful cities with my two favorite people. I met amazing locals, one being our first Airbnb host, Mariangel and our bartender Antonio, from The Second Room was EVERYTHING.


  • Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest municipality in both the Community of Madrid and Spain as a whole. The city has almost 3.3 million locals.

  • Seville is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Southern Spain.

  • Duration: 1 week

  • Language: Spanish; Majority know English but meet people where they are. Try to speak it if you know it. 

  • Cost of Trip: ~$800-850 per person includes flight, train and Airbnb.

    • Norwegian (JFK- Madrid): ~$300 (promotion found on twitter, low-fare, food was not included) 

      It was my first time flying Norwegian. Our flight was delayed going—annoying but we got there safe and the seats weren’t too uncomfortable. I slept the entire flight. Over night flights are the best, it allows you to adjust to the time change. Spain is 6 hours ahead of the US. 

    • Train: $150

      Simple, made easy and fast. I’d recommend doing this instead of a flight, you get to see the country side. Get a first class ticket you’ll get free lunch, wine, dessert etc. 

    • Airbnb- $350 per person; We choose Super host and homes in the center of the city. Both Airbnb’s included pools/jacuzzi’s. This is what we choose to spend the most of our money on. This can be cheaper. 

  • Money: Euros, I exchanged at the ATM in the airport. Exchanging is best at banks and credible ATMs. I took out a total of $400 which rounded out to 375 euros. I wouldn’t recommend using the exchange carriers in the airport, they charge too much. 


Madrid is the city. Some parts reminded me much of Times Square— on Gran Via, you can find all the stores you love, Zara, Primark etc. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. People from all over the world are in Madrid. Everyone was friendly. Some food spots and monuments were closed due to the time of year but not too many where you can’t see the city. Madrid likes to party, the days seem longer because it stays light for hourssssss—Sun sets at 9pm, take advantage of the sunlight. I noticed a lot of co-working spaces, which could be good for someone looking to work remotely in Madrid for long periods of time. The perfect time to go to Madrid is in May. There was just enough tourist, not too crowded, but from prior research it can get extremely packed and overwhelming in the summer.


Mariangel (the host), is the sweetest. She gave us simple tips and let us know all the places to visit. This was my first time staying in an Airbnb and I couldn't have asked for a more attentive host. Mariangel even made sure we made it to our train. We'd stay there again, no questions asked. It is the perfect location with accessibility to night-life, food and the main attractions. We walked everywhere. Uber and cabs were unnecessary.

Where did we go? What did we see?

  • Museo Nacional del Prado : The Prado Museum is the main Spanish national art museum. It is widely considered to have one of the world's finest collections of European art, dating from the 12th century. The most amazing museum I’ve ever been to.

  • Plaza Mayor: It was once the center of Old Madrid. It was first built during the Habsburg period of Philip III's reign.

  • Puerta del Sol: Is a public square in Madrid, one of the best known and busiest places in the city. 

  • Mercado De San Miguel: A must see market with some of Madrid’s best authentic foods.

  • Plaza de Ciebles: Is a square with a neo-classical complex of marble sculptures with fountains that has become an iconic symbol for the city of Madrid. 

  • Gran Via: We called it Zara! It was the main/large street where you can always track yourself back to. SHOPPING! SHOPPING!

  • Royal Palace of Madrid: is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family, although now only used for state ceremonies, the palace contains 3,418 rooms. (BUY TICKETS BEFORE)


  • Lamucca del Carmen: Best food we had in Madrid. The Sangria was AMAZING. Try the cod fish fritters and potatoes.

  • Cafe de La Luz: Loved the breakfast here! Cheap

  • Café Federal: The chorizo was great! This spot reminded me of soho, very hipster breakfast spot.

  • Tiki Taco: Some of the best margaritas out and the quesdilla was so fire.

  • The freshly squeezed orange juice in Spain is A1. All of the food was amazing.



Awesome spot to be in Sevilla. Is it worth $800, I don’t know, only because the pool wasn’t being kept well. The host for this Airbnb was super helpful and responsive but we didn’t get to meet them. I figured they don’t live in Sevilla. One amazing thing was the balconies that covered the entire airbnb—I loved this feature. We got to see a religious festival from the balcony that was absolutely beautiful.

Where did we go? What did we see?

  • Plaza de Espana : is a plaza in the Parque de María Luisa (Maria Luisa Park), in Sevilla, Spain, built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929.

  • Real Alcanzar: Three words, Game of Thrones. A royal palace in Sevilla, Spain, built for the Christian king Peter of Castile. (BUY TICKETS BEFORE or get in line before 12 pm)

  • Cathedral Catedral de Sevilla: We saw Christopher Columbus tomb, for 10 minutes we took a seat and chatted about what it meant to see him being idolized but

  • Giralada: Climb 17 flights to see a birds eye view of Sevilla, it is worth it.

  • AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla: Just a few steps away from the cathedral, in an alley named Aire in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, you will find AIRE Sevilla, at a magnificent Mudéjar-style palace that embraces more than 5 centuries of history. This was the best spa I’ve been to hands down! GO! GO! GO. There is an Arab bath spa in NYC, I wanted to do this for my birthday, but my bday came early in Sevilla.


  • Gago 6: Try the croquettes!!

  • El Pintón: Cute place to go if you want to get dressed up.

  • Azotea: Breakfast anyone?

  • La Abuela: Oh man I miss this ice cream already!

  • The Second Room: The best drinks/ bar! 

  • Alfalfa: The best food we had in Seville. It’s tight and hard to get a seat but it is WORTH every penny.

This was one of my favorite trips! I am blessed to have experienced a week in such an amazing country.

Clothing details:


White Oversized Plunge Tunic

$37.00 USD

Blue snake print one sleeve bodycon midaxi dress

$25.00 USD


Ripped Denim Skort

$29.90 USD


$19.90 USD

Icon Swim

cover your basics bikini- orange

$ 26.00 USD


Glamorous Tall dress with puff sleeves in pinstripe


Missguided slim satin pants two-piece in gray snake


Cruising: Cayman Islands, Belize, Honduras and Tulum

LMAO, this is my second time writing this blog because Sqaure Space hates my guts.

Hey hey! Today, is the first day I finally feel like myself. For those that don’t know I’ve been suffering with a respiratory virus mimicking the FLU. SMH. I finally was able to open up my computer and work as well as write. All the words for this blog started flooding my brain around 6:30 PM and at 7:19 (according to my computer history) it decided to delete. All in all, I am happy to be writing this and happy to be feeling better. I’ve been stuck in the house for days, something good needs to come out of this right? From January 6 to January 13th, I spent my new year and bae’s birthday celebration on a Western Caribbean cruise. I love starting the year off with a vacation. It sets the tone for the year and allows me to relax after the commotion of the holidays. Top of the year vacations are ones you always look forward to, for 2020, I want to bring the New Year in overseas.


Cruise Line: Carnival

Destinations: Grand Cayman Islands, Belize, Roatan Island, Honduras and Cozumel, Mexico

  • Grand Cayman: I love this island, I didn’t do an excursion this time but I’d like to see 7 mile beach, we saw this island last year.

  • Roatan Island, Honduras: We stayed on the beach by the ship. It was beautiful and was the first beach I saw on the trip. I would love to see more of Honduras.

  • Belize: We did a snorkeling and private island off of the mainland. This was the most beautiful water I have ever seen. I didn’t do the snorkeling. I have become so scared of the smallest things despite knowing how to swim. I don’t know what comes over my body but it’s like NOPE, don’t do that and I trusted my instinct this time.

  • Mexico: We visited Zama (Mayan name for Tulum). This was my favorite part of the trip and my most cherished part of the trip. We saw Mayan ruins and swam in the ocean that practically saved the Mayan peoples lives. The ocean has the second largest barrier reef in the world and made it impossible for the Spanish to infiltrate the land. I love history of indigenous people and the people of Mexico are always so warm and welcoming. I would love to go to Chichen Itza. I’ve been to Mexico 4 times and every time is a dream. We donated to Mexican schools while on this excursion. Moving forward, I want to continue to visit places and dedicate at least one day of giving back.

Duration: 7 days

Cost: ~$1600, ~ $550 roundtrip for 2 people (Airfare)

Likes/ Dislikes

Carnival is the first and only cruise line I have been on. I absolutely love the idea of cruising—there’s so much to do. Bars, night clubs, water slides, pools, game nights, tons of activities but I don’t like the hyper communal environment. Sure, we share everything at restaurants etc. but cruise ships are notorious for people getting sick. While on my cruise, the Royal Caribbean, that was following our boat to the same places had a Norovirus outbreak. I truly believe I caught something from someone on my ship despite my excessive hand sanitizing and wipes. On my next cruise I will be spending the extra coin for a balcony to combat this lack of air flow in our inner cabin. All in all, its an awesome way to meet people. Errol and I met a couple from the heights, we were practically attached at the hip by the end of the cruise.


  • FB30 works on Fashion Nova all year round! Life hack given to me by a fashionista and my boss, Ashley.

  • I purchased most of these items during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Prices may vary

Two Piece, Fashion Nova, $64

Pink Dress, Top Shop, $30 * I wish I had more pictures of this dress. We were having too much fun to take pics*

Entering the New Year

Excited to enter the New Year. I realized, I need to practice showcasing my work. Here are live the links to my work across Instagram. I will continue to showcase more as I gather all my work.

New Year. New Intentions.

xoxo Chris


Today, a CEO asked me if @saintheron was my alma mater. I had just left a meeting where I continued to learn about the ad industry from people who live and breathe ads and content. (I actually got to use my voice as well, which is something I am practicing in my workspace.) It was an informative and overall great meeting for our business. I didn’t think it was a stupid question, I just laughed in my head. My clothing once again has sparked me to write.

Saint Heron is pretty niche, but the last thing I would think anyone would think it is, is a college or university. For the first time in a while (lol), I proudly announced—”my alma mater is the University at Buffalo.”

I began to think about how Black people are forced to be well rounded, speak multiple LANGUAGES, how we bring dope strategy and creativity. We are so complex and the pulse of work environments. I was the only woman under 25 in the room, the only Black woman and I was probably the only woman who attended a public university.


In 2008, economist Marc Bendick Jr.  discovered only 5.8% of African Americans made up the ad industry. In 2017, we only made up 7%. In nine years diversity in terms of Black people have only increased by 1.2%.

Also, note that the ad industry isn’t just comprised of ad junkies—it is a complex network of content professionals, ad operators, copywriters, journalists, the whole nine.

It’s also important to know that African Americans spending is at $1.2 trillion annually.

When we take our dollars out of brands we are causing a DRAMATIC shift within a companies revenue. (Read this!!) The ads that are flashed in front of us ALL the time are largely influenced by US, the culture.


The encounter which to some may seem small, proved to me why it is important to have a seat at the table. You can bring someone into your world by simply letting them know a fact. You can teach someone you’ve never met before, something new.

@saintheron “was a collaborative complication album featuring 11 independent artist telling their unique stories.” @saintrecords was designed to give new artists a space to create their music the way they want. (SCREAMING YASS to Queen Solo). My shirt is not only is part of my wardrobe, it tells so many stories. It is a functioning part of Black culture. Our merchandise, our voice, our creativity, our bomb style, everything that we touch really is FIRE and just think to someone else, it is just a plain blue shirt. I have the luxury of wearing casual clothing to work, so why not exercise my Blackness by putting people on to Black creatives in a space where they aren’t exposed to it. Wear clothing by Black people and big them up!

I strongly stress and encourage people to be conscious of their buying power. This shirt was one of my first Black owned pieces of clothing and I seriously cherish it. Other dope brands that I love to rock are Joe Fresh Goods, Hey Tranae jewelry, Bey and Jay lol. Pieces I’ve been eyeing are from Tier NYC and Green Box Shop.

This encounter reassured me that my participation to push diversity and inclusion at work, my push for it outside of my 9-5 and screaming my love for my people is so important.

Make sure you dedicate the rest of 2019 to a goal. I’m working on claiming my seat, making my voice heard and feeling useful in spaces where I’m not the majority. Know that your voice is valuable and you have dope shit to say. You too can teach someone something. Now go play some #ASEATATTHETABLE.

Las Vegas, Nevada


That was definitely the song of this trip. I've started a tradition of going away for my birthday and this year, I got all of my closest girlfriends to get on a plane. LORD, we are a busy bunch and we all have such different personalities but it was an AMAZING trip. We still text in the group chat (JSUYSQ) from that time here and there.

Things my friends and I do before big trips are: share outfits, create a playlist (Go ahead listen!) and of course prepare an itinerary with links and prices for alll of our activities. I said it before, I'll say it again, we had so much fun, so many laughs and I will definitely be doing this again next year (*crosses fingers).

Get acquainted with my loves, Akeelya, Briana, BrittneyDajahnae and Nailah! In this blog, I'll be sharing my a short version of  my itinerary--where we went, tips for traveling to Vegas and of course my outfit details. One thing to note about this trip is, this was my first time ordering from Fashion Nova, so I'll be critiquing those pieces. Hope you and your girls take a GIRL'S TRIP. Next stop for us will hopefully be Cabo or Tulum or Mardi Gras lol we don't know yet. 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Hotel: Caesar's Palace- Nobu Hotel. I love this place! Be conscious of the pool times. If you get there too late, you won't be able to get in.

Duration: 4 Days in JULY; It is hot as hell, if you go during this time pack light clothes. Also, note that this is dry heat, it isn't humid. DRINK lots of water. 

Activities: Purchase enough liquor for the number of days you will be there in CVS across the street from the Caesar's Palace. This will save you money.

Fat Tuesday’sYou can find these just about anywhere, where drinking is the wave. This was my first time visiting and it was cool. I loved that you could mix up your own slushy. Life was a blur at this time lol, we had In N Out after  and I WAS sooo disappointed. I'll take Wendy's nuggets. 

Ferris Wheel LINQ hotel : Definitely an activity that I do when I go to Vegas, you get to see the city from the top of a ferris wheel with unlimited drinks! Make sure to choose the happy hour tickets that last all night. 

Drais Night ClubWasn't our most fun part of the trip. Besides being jet lagged the music was very 2000's. We realized that NY'ers just party a little different. The venue is beautiful and we left before we could see Trey Songz or Kevin Hart. *YOU CAN WEAR SANDALS HERE* Lol we were dressed to the T for no reason lmao. All in all it was cool, I know people who absolutely love a night at Drais. 

Pool Parties: LMAO this group-on was so "sketchy."  We ended up being the life of the party and eventually meeting amazing dudes from Cali, who we then partied with at the night club below!

The Light Night Club:  So much fun! A wide range of music and we made friends with the security lmao look at the picture to the right with Briana. I definitely recommend hitting here when you go to Vegas. We also didn't pay which was a plus.

Now for the outfits! I took inspo from Kelly Rowland. The dresses are completely different but I knew I wanted to wear red because of her many looks in red. LOVE red on my skin tone. 

Red Fringe Dress: Fashion Nova! $32.99. I am selling this dress on Poshmark**

I loved it. It served its purpose but it may be too short to wear again! I love this look. My shoes from Ego

Official $42 broke the night of, I was pissed and they're not very comfortable but, the outfit was fire.

I paired this with gold drop earrings from target for $9.99! I LOVE target.

The next two outfits I wore during that vacation were both two pieces. I loved the floral two piece ($19 bottom, Kimono $22) but Fashion Nova quality isn't the best and I realized the shorts ripped on my thigh a little. One of two things, I was partying too hard or my thighs are too big LOL. The white two piece ($29) was great and I'll definitely wear it again and pair it with different tops. I love a fitted dress or skirt, it makes my body look poppin. Fashion Nova hack: FB30 promo code always works. 

As part of my day I also made everyone wear red! My friends are all different sizes and have all different styles. Here are the details from their favorite outfits or their red swimsuit! 

Akeelya: Both her swim suit and cover up pieces are from Amazon!

Her words: She has nothing to say cause she doesn't answer back text lmao but she would say: BIG BANK TAKES LITTLE BANK!

Briana: Bre also got her swim suit from Amazon. Her favorite outfit was from Forever 21, $27, Urban Expressions purse, $20)

Her words: I don’t have any fancy pictures lol is that good enough?

Brittney: The white set is from boohoo. The slippers are from Bebe.

Her red bathing suit is from Mystique. 

Her words: Brit wanted you to know her white nail polish is OPI lmao.

Nailah: Her red bathing suit and her floral two piece are from Forever 21.

Her words: I got it (red bikini) 3 years in Miami, before Forever 21 was "lit."

Daja: Forever 21 crochet top and white Misguided pants. Her red bathing suit is from Pretty Little Thing.  

Her words:  I feel like I dead didn't take pics 😭 this is all I got. 

#CatchUpWithChris #ConsultWithChris



Hey there!

 So I am no fashion guru that’s for one, but I love love love finding outfits for vacation and getting dressed up for events. One of my biggest concerns lately has been my ever changing figure— ladies who don't know me, I’m tall (6'0), curvy and my waist is so much smaller than my thigh area. I wear anywhere from an 8-10. It all looks great in pictures but finding clothes can be a hassle. I believe in being frugal, so my pieces are usually anywhere from $10-$60. I RARELY go over $60 unless it’s for jeans. I ALWAYS shop on  After a few hit ups, that I truly appreciate, I realized it would be cool if I shared my vacation outfit deets and travel info. Here it goes! 

When finding my outfits I always have a mood board or plan developing in my head. Sounds like a lot but I take a lot of inspiration from my daily social media management. I hoard pictures on my Pinterest and I save soooo many outfits saved on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.41.17 AM.png

Style icons: Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony, Anaya, Monica Style Muse, Courtney Danielle, Annisa LiMara. I try to look at women who have similar bodies as me to see what works. Paying attention to your body type is SUPER important to slaying outfits. 


Country: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Resort: Majestic Colonial 

Duration: 4 days Labor Day Weekend

Fun Fact: This resort was the first place I went to out of the country alone with my friends at 18. (See Picture to the Right)

I love this resort because, it is the perfect mix of family and adults. I want to try an adult resort so stay tuned for that! This trip cost around $950 per person. It is on the expensive side BUT when you arrive you don't have to pay for anything. We took out $100 each--tipped our waiters and bartenders and that lasted for the entire four days.

Okay so here we go with the LOOKS:

Blue Dress- ASOS, Misguided: $56, I got it for $28

Looks pretty, fits my top half weird, I don’t have boobs so I found myself pulling it up all night. It looks pretty on but I ended up changing. I will wear this dress again, most likely with heels.

Olive Dress- Top Shop $68

I love this slip dress! The back forms an X and cowls in the back. It fits in all the right places and is true to size.

Red lip , Sephora Matte Lip Stain $14-This is only here because women have a hard time finding a red that works for them and this is my red 😘❤️ 

Black Bathing Suit 1-ASOS, Misguided Top $7.50 and Bottom $11

White Cover Up- Mystique ~$15

Black Bathing Suit 2, $23 each, I am pretty sure I got these pieces for $10 each on sale.

This bathing suit is one size fits all. I was super surprised how perfectly it fit, I have it in black and pink.

Marble Bathing Suit, ~$29

One of my favorite bathing suits, I've worn it on a couple of trips.

#CatchUpWithChris #CurateWithChris