[kris-ti-na dun]


Christina Dunn is a natural creative and storyteller. Hailing from Queens, New York, Christina is the epitome of a New Yorker. The hustle was born within her and everything she touches turns to gold. She is the queen of making things happen. Now, this doesn’t mean it comes easy. Wary of putting her name on anything subpar, she always strives to give her best efforts. Christina works diligently to produce content and will not stop until she reaches her end goal. 


Founder of The Initiative and Consulting with Chris, Christina mixes her love of hip-hop, social issues, Lifestyle and content curation. Her creative eye allows her to blend the them seamlessly.


She is a quiet storm. The person who gracefully, yet swiftly, moves from the bottom to the top.  The rose that grew from the concrete.

Learning her takes time, peeling layer by layer until you reach the core - a heart of gold. She is a daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover. All around amazing human being.  Reserved, yet expressive through ways people wouldn't imagine. She tells stories through pictures and playlists. Kanye's "I like art type girl." Her favorites range from Keith Haring, Basquiat and Kehinde Wiley, with one etched on her body forever. She loves hard, as shown in the permanence of the aforementioned. Far from one-dimensional. She will school you on anything from hip hop to politics. On any given day you can find her doing something different than the last. From brunching, to playing ball, to painting, to voicing her opinion on the injustices of the world, to spending hours looking for the perfect picture to post. Christina's passions intertwine to make her the special person that she is.

As an alumna of the University at Buffalo with a double degree in Sociology and Communications, Christina worked to learn the tricks of the trade. She spends her days, nights and weekends working on her craft. This includes being the Lead Social Media Manager of  ever growing brands like Creative Smart Girl, Six One Agency, Acaderma Beauty and Vanity Skin by Aline and is the head of this very platform.


You can find her on twitter tweeting about how hip hop and social issues intersect at (@christinandunn) or on Instagram perfecting her feed (@christinandunn)